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WTSB : Water

24 Sep

and a few outtakes….


the latest Words to Shoot By it up! This round our word was WATER, and we also had an open call for entries so the post at WTSB is jam-packed with great photos! I shot my images at Sandy Neck Beach on Cape Cod. The water was surprisingly warm that day. Through the shallow tide i waded out and watched the patterns the sun refracted on the sand through the water. there were quiet a few people out in the water near me and in the last shot you can see someone parked their cane on the beach while they took a dip. i love it.


wtsb : word

23 Apr


my latest Words to Shoot By shots and a few bonus outtakes! the word was Word. these shots were taken on a little spring wander i enjoyed this past weekend. I’ll share more shots later this week.

wtsb : green

10 Apr


the latest words to shoot by is up! our word was green, which is a special word because it honors the first word 3 years ago. it’s wtsb’s 3 year anniversary. Congratulations Steph and the rest of the Words gang!

my shots were all taken in my parents backyard in PA. spring is much farther along down there with green spilling out of every corner and sidewalk crack. 

WTSB : Blur

13 Mar


the latest Words to Shoot By will be up very soon! here’s a sneak peak at my shots. our word was blur.

when i walked into McCarten Violins i got the camera itch immediately. the racks of hanging instruments were remarkable, and at the perfect perspective to blur out at the edges. these violins and violas are truly works of art in themselves; the patina on each slightly different. McCarten is in the same building that houses the amazing Pawtucket Winter Farmers Market. You should drop in for both if you ever find yourself in the area on a Saturday morning.

if you want a little more insight on what goes into making one of these beautiful instruments here’s a really cool video from Dustin Cohen featuring Brooklyn-based luthier Sam Zygmuntowicz. This is also the debut of Dustin’s “Made in Brooklyn” series.

(video spotted on Honestly WTF)

WTSB : Vacant

31 Jan


After a little winter recess Words to Shoot By is back! this round the word was Vacant and i shot my set at an abandoned house in my neighborhood. i had been dying to investigate that place, so i got my nancy drew on and crept about the dilapidated property. check out the rest of the sets over at Words. what a killer of a post, starting 2012 off with a bang.

also i missed posting InstaWknd yesterday, but it wasn’t really my choice. the stomach bug waits for no one and i have been sidelined for the better part of the past two days. ick. if you still want a little peep into my weekend check my Instagram feed here.

WTSB : Tiny

21 Jun


the latest words to shoot by when up yesterday! the word was tiny, and i had the perfect plan in place to shoot it. we happened to be traveling up to NH this weekend past to take our tiny car up to the top of Mt Washington with 250+ other tiny cars! Minis On Top is this anual gathering & it was our second year. The weather was much better that last and I got some great snaps. I’ll share those later today.

WTSB: travel

6 Jun


the latest words to shoot by is up! the word this round was travel, which i shot on george’s island. we went out george’s to celebrate eric’s birthday. I’ll share the rest of the pics later this week.

I hope you had a good weekend. I had a wonderful one! I went to the first Union Square farmers market of the season with beth on saturday. We cooked up a delicious lunch with our market haul. Sunday we traveled down to little Rhodie for a bee keeping demo by Jeff from Aquidneck Honey. it was AWESOME! I won’t give away too many of the details till i have pics back…but I got to wear a BEE SUIT! and had an extremely close-up view of the hives!! Jeff was great, and we learned so much about bee keeping. can’t wait to share the pics. kick ass weekend all around!

words to shoot by: tree

9 May


the latest Words to Shoot By is up! it’s my first round as one of the regular gang (yay!). the word was tree and it was the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring! the first and third shots were taken at the Arboretum & the second at the Ipswich River Sanctuary on my b-day. I wish i took notes on what type of trees they were, the striping in the trunks is amazing!

be sure to visit Words today to see everyone’s take on Tree.

word to shoot by : update

31 Jan


The submissions are up on Words to Shoot By, and my work was selected!!  🙂

Please drop by Words to check out the photos for place.

there are some simply stunning shots posted.

thank you wtsb!

words to shoot by

31 Jan


today words to shoot by is revealing their selections from the latest call for entries.

this lady went to bed with her fingers crossed because she sent along three little photos for

consideration. wtsb has been one of my fav photo blogs for a little while now so it would

be the highest honor to have my work included, as its pages are graced with

so many talented artists.


the challenge word this round was PLACE. i mulled over two different versions. the pics

above are my second option, the ones i didn’t send. so you’ll have to swing over to

WTSB to see how it all turned out. i am very excited to see how everyone else

interpreted place.