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peachy polas

18 May


i recently snagged some polaroid film which I plan to shoot intermittently though the summer. these were shot back on my birthday, in harvard square. the film is Impossible Project Color Shade 600. I love the peach tones of these two photos. it’s odd, because the bug was actually peach in color, but the ball jars were decidedly more blue in tone. I guess my camera envisioned these two as a pair and the second came out peach.


wtsb : word

23 Apr


my latest Words to Shoot By shots and a few bonus outtakes! the word was Word. these shots were taken on a little spring wander i enjoyed this past weekend. I’ll share more shots later this week.

insta wknd

9 Apr


i hope you had a lovely easter/passover holiday! we took a whirlwind trip down to philly to say hi to my folks, eat some easter candy, and to pick up our second car. oh how i missed my VW baby! one exciting little red car caravan later we’re back in boston and looking forward to a busy week. (psst, there’ll be a new words to shoot by tomorrow 😉

1/ the spring growth is so much farther along in PA, including the redbud trees. 2/my cat-crush Aki. i swear i’m coming home with him next time! 3/the little wrench that saved the day. 4/ preparing the corrado for the trip north. 5/ my favorite flower: the violet 6/ dad’s Ford model B.