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wasque beach

20 Sep


Wasque Beach. Chappaquiddick, Martha’s Vineyard. July 2012. Yashica MAT. 

The washed-out, wave beaten trees on Wasque were so much fun to explore, and provided as slightly terrifying moment as i got a little to far out on the stip of beach they were marooned on…with my Yash…as the tide quickly returned. Camera high and dry, i returned with some nice shots.


leaves of green

10 May


on a recent walk though Cambridge with my camera I was drawn to leaves…green leaves.

new life

2 May


we wait for what seems like an impossible amount of time. then, when the winter finally subsides, nature seems to celebrate. she explodes in flowers. it’s worth the wait every year.

(from a spring walk. somerville, ma) 

portland : coast bound

19 Oct


when we started planning this little pdx trip i knew from the start there was one thing i could not miss during our vacation: the coast. i had heard how spectacular it was, and it did not disappoint. WOW. the drive out was stunning too. the forests are so big out there. I mean the trees are simply, super-natural. up next… the beach..

flowers for a dreary weekend

16 May


the last of the trees’ spring show. Arnold Arboretum, Ipswitch River Sanctuary, & Somerville

it was a good, albeit dreary weekend so i have some flowers for you this morning. we made it to both brimfield, and the mit flea. eric and i turned up a few bits and bobs at brimfield, nothing big. the flea was the more impressive haul, and we only spent 20mins there. we finally have a turn table! yea! and…i found a couple used film cameras! YAY! a Yashica electro 35 and an argoflex came home with me. can’t wait for the grey clouds to lift so i can get these babies into the rotation. alas our optimistic weatherman said, it’s rain “till further notice”. oh that’s the charming new england spirit for ya. have a good monday!