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hello 2013!

14 Jan



hello again! I took a bit of an unplanned, but turns out, much needed blog-break for the past month. thanks for sticking with me and please look forward to many new film shots from my fall adventures and hopefully new winter ones. the image above is from our trip to Bar Harbor. I have so, so many photos from that trip i can’t wait to share. so stay tuned over the next week as they start to emerge. I hope you are having a happy and healthy start to the new year. I am hopefully expectant that this will be a great year, I can just feel it.


pine tree

21 Sep


Scrub pine. Wasque Beach, Martha’s Vineyard. July 2012. Yashica MAT. 


a spring walk

3 May


 a few more shots from a spring walk. I like this little glimpse of my neighborhood as it awakes from winter. I’m thinking i should make these photos walks more of a seasonal habit. ending at highland kitchen would be mandatory of course!


30 Apr


today i celebrate my 30th birthday! I’m proud of where i am in my life and  i am absolutely convinced i only get better with age. I’m off to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the brilliant sunshine, then dinner with pals awaits this evening.

words to shoot by: tree

9 May


the latest Words to Shoot By is up! it’s my first round as one of the regular gang (yay!). the word was tree and it was the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring! the first and third shots were taken at the Arboretum & the second at the Ipswich River Sanctuary on my b-day. I wish i took notes on what type of trees they were, the striping in the trunks is amazing!

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