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insta wknd

27 Aug



i realized this weekend i hadn’t done a insta wknd in a while, so having had an amazing beach day yesterday i thought i’d get back with the program. I’m pretty serious about not letting the rest of summer slide by without fully enjoying it, so a beach day was in order. new england beaches are best in the late summer! Sunday eric and i got up early to drive down to Sandy Neck Beach on the Cape. We got in all the good stuff… morning beach lounge, fried goodness at a clam shack, took tons of photos, and ate too much ice cream. good stuff! I’ll be back this week with a new words to shoot by and a few more straggling MV photos. cheers!


long point MV

8 Aug


you snatched a sneak peek at a few of my shots from Long Point earlier over on WTSB…how about some more?

{Long Point Wildlife Refuge, Martha’s Vineyard. Yashica MAT 124. July 2012} 

Insta Wknd

19 Mar


it was a lovely weekend. And man, the weather was awesome and continues to be! Saturday I did a little spring cleaning. Hello summer dresses, back in my closet again. Sunday we took a trip to Rhodie for a little beach time. Unfortunately we didn’t calculate the coastal fog into the equation, so that made for a chilly stroll on the beach. We quickly retreated to a sunny spot inland for ice cream and a quick trip to ikea.

1/i baked Nigel Slater’s chocolate beet cake amid my spring clean on saturday. Cake recipe is here, i spiced it up with a taza mexicano and the beet icing from this recipe.   2/ miss cleo sporting her new thief and bandit ‘neck tie’   3/ horseneck beach, ri.  4/ the foggy trail beside nelson pond. 

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beach polo

29 Feb


a few shots from the conclusion of newport beach polo. in traditional form we rolled up pretty late, but it was great to get a closer view of the horses as they were being de-saddled and packed up in the trucks. i love how these turned out, even the odd blue-toned shot at the end. happy leap day!

in sum

10 Feb


 we’re having a serious tease of spring today. I ate lunch outside with my main lady beth in the sun and 50+ degree February air (!).  this weather has me fixated on spring and its flirty frocks, sandals, and weekend photo trips. so you’ll see a little spring inspiration in what caught my eye this week.

1/ a beautiful photo by victoria hannan. this is an outtake from her Other People’s Houses exhibition in London last year.

2/ a magical film shot from Marion on her blog.

3/ Lauren Moffatt 2012 NYC Fashion Week colletion presentation in photos by Erin of Cali Vintage (lucky lady!).  I love the elementary school theme and I’ll have one of each dress please.

4/ anabela of Fieldguided recently shot a stunning lookbook for Scout & Catalogue. Check out the S+C site for more. best part of all it’s mostly shot on film! 🙂

5/ i love the mood of this photo by ryan heywood. found on the raen optics blog, which is particularly awesome. raen makes my favorite pair of sunnies (& they happen to be on sale this wknd).

6/ probably the best photo i’ve seen in a while, it’s really an amazing capture. found on my favorite food blog, island menu. this blog blends two of my favorite things, food + photography, so shockingly well. and you could throw animals in there too!  I would kill to have an afternoon (down under!) with these folks, what a life.

7/ did you hear Kinfolk will be hosting dinners this summer?! So want to join that fun! these are pics from their first dinner in Portland recently. many more lovely photos of that here. (photo by laura d’art)

8/ that hammok is calling my name! i’m floored by this upstate NY cabin built by a bunch of friends.  we could do that right?!

black/white: water

9 Feb


i could take photos of the ocean all day long.

Brenton Point RI.

winter beach : part 1

25 Jan


 an early winter day on crane’s beach in Ipswich. it was a particularly warm winter’s day so there were quite a few people on the beach, and to my awe several horses. I watched the horses for a while and eventually followed their path along the wet sand. their hooves left a fantastic splatters in the sand as they galloped.

WTSB : Walk

8 Nov


the latest Words to Shoot By is up! the word this round was Walk. we took a lovely walk on Saturday in Rhodie which lead us to Purgatory Chasm, a giant split in a rocky seawall and adjacent pudding stone cliffs. we lounged on the cliff like high schoolers in the unseasonably warm sunshine. make sure you go over to Words to check out the other takes on Walk. I’m really digging Whitney’s this round!

portland : Cannon beach I

20 Oct


Cannon Beach, Oregon.

we got lucky. real lucky. the weather in portland during our trip was stellar! and the day we spent at cannon beach was no exception. i had been warned earlier in the day that i’d freeze to death at the coast without a coat. well so much for that, it was 80 some degrees and i was in tank top!  more cannon shots tomorrow…

WTSB : Sound

11 Oct


well hello! it’s been a little while, but i assure you i was up to something good. eric & i recently traveled to portland OR for a mini fall vacation! we had 6 days, twice as long as our last visit. on the top of my pdx to-do list was cannon beach. i had heard numerous times that the coast out there is surreal, but you don’t quite get it till you see it. breathtaking! I shot my latest Words to Shoot By on the beach at Cannon. Our word was Sound. I hope you can hear the waves as you look at these. Lots and lots more Oregon photos to come, stay tuned.