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lobster pound

27 Feb











It seemed a bit too touristy to me at first, but look at his face… how could I deny that (& the goofy bib!). Lobsters at the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound was indeed a highlight of the Bar Harbor trip.


apple picking

11 Dec


apple picking one afternoon in late october.

WTSB : thankful

20 Nov



the latest words to shoot by is up! our word was thankful. i have much to be thankful for but the thing that i most savor this time of year is a feast with friends. we shared a mid-afternoon nosh with our good friends at a restaurant is called eventide oyster company in portland, maine. the food, drinks, and late afternoon sunlight at eventide are spectacular. the fried oyster bun (second to last shot) was my favorite!

cranberry bog 35mm

13 Nov


so i think i figured out my fuzzy photo issue, and perfect timing because i adore how this series of 35mm shots turned out from the cranberry bogs in carver. i feel successful in searching out the textures and colors of fall, that aren’t bright red leaves or a pile of pumpkins. don’t get me wrong i love those things too, but i wanted the moodier side of the season that’s lesser seen.

Insta wknd

12 Nov



i said it over on instagram, but have to reaffirm it….bonus summer days in the fall are awesome! we had a beautiful wknd of warm weather and sunshine. saturday i toured a few church fairs with my pal beth and snatched up some nana-chic knitted goods. I got a $4 version of this beauty 🙂 Later in the day i finally tracked down the witchy winter coat of my dreams!  Sunday Eric and i started on our way up to Maine for a day trip to the beach since the weather was so nice. we were abruptly halted at the NH border by our car’s temperature warning alarm. I call it serendipity, because that led us right to an orchard who had amazing cider donuts! i had just bemoaned the fact i hadn’t had any this fall. we wandered through the barren orchard with a big ol’ bag of sugary donuts while the car cooled down. after our little adventure of kicking pumpkins, bee box snooping, and napping in the sun we called AAA and had our sorry car towed back home.

left column: apple trees in 60 degree november sun / reject pumpkins slowly deflating in the field / eric mid-orchard nap / bittersweet / mini apple pile-up  ||  right column: new witchy coat from cafe society and my ilana kohn daryl shirt / c i d e r   d o n u t s!! / the orchard’s bee hives, risked My Girl fate for this shot! / eric apple tree admiring / beautiful jars at the farm stand. 

captain frosty’s

28 Sep


following our lounge session on Sandy Neck beach we stuck to tradition and found a late lunch at the nearest clam shack.  that happened to be captain frosty’s. I had fried smelts and eric devoured some fried clams.usually these places don’t have too much of a dining area but the Captain’s did. it was clad in old knotty pine inside and the patio was under the cover of a big old oak tree. I absolutely love the signage too! i wish i had some reason to have a sign lettered up just like that for my kitchen. For old salt and little sailors….. !

down by the docks

2 Aug


menemsha harbor, martha’s vineyard. july 2012. yashica MAT.  


16 Jul



I have to admit we are doing a bang-up job at enjoying this summer. we spent our weekend in falmouth on cape cod at a friend’s fam’s summer cottage (thank you missy and joe!!). it was a blast. family dinner outside, bike rides,beach, lobster (ice cream and rolls!), and lots of sunshine. perfection!

clock wise from the right: dinner of tempeh stuffed peppers, gazpacho, and salt potatoes / surf drive beach between falmouth and woods hole. i actually went in the water! a rare event in cold new england waters for me / my view from the back of our bike pack as we cruised the shining sea bike path with tunes blasting and enjoying a shared milkshake / the path to falmouth beach