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WTSB : Together

6 Mar






words to shoot by is back! we’re on our second word of the year: together. i shot these in a beautiful old church in Beacon Hill on friday night a couple weeks ago. we joined a couple friends at that church for a concert featuring an experimental cello quartet and a couple other string ensambles. i had only brought my camera on a whim, since i rarely shoot at night, but i’m lucky i did.


in sum

20 Jan


hello weekend! I’m really looking forward to you. we are supposed to get a little snow on Saturday, and i can’t wait to pretend to be snowed-in! that means wooly socks, dvd watching (probs x-files), and cooking (probs taking a crack at homemade ramen!). so on that note, it seems my weekly finds all have a dreamy look about them, with a touch of wanderlust.

1/  Olivia Larrain Heiremans’ photography is lovely and arranged by color.  (via Miss Moss)

2/i love how this photo from jacinta moore pairs with the OLH photo.

3/ Cabin Porn makes we want to run straight for the woods.

4/the Trumpeter Swan. I gasped when i saw this beautiful photo. More here

5/I adore this custom neon sign from the home of James Milward & Sarah Foelske. (via D*S)

6/ a beautifully somber video from Kinfolk featured on the etsy blog.

7/ some tunes i plan to keep on repeat this weekend. porcelain raft. excited for his album release next week