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lobster, take two

27 Feb






yes we went back for more lobster. this time they got the royal treatment with the medium format.


apple picking

11 Dec


apple picking one afternoon in late october.


25 Sep


I knew when i saw this hill that it would end up my favorite shot from MV and it’s particularly fitting for this, my 500th post! wow!

{Wasque Beach, Martha’s Vineyard. July 2012. Nikon F3}

pine tree

21 Sep


Scrub pine. Wasque Beach, Martha’s Vineyard. July 2012. Yashica MAT. 


wasque beach

20 Sep


Wasque Beach. Chappaquiddick, Martha’s Vineyard. July 2012. Yashica MAT. 

The washed-out, wave beaten trees on Wasque were so much fun to explore, and provided as slightly terrifying moment as i got a little to far out on the stip of beach they were marooned on…with my Yash…as the tide quickly returned. Camera high and dry, i returned with some nice shots.

crossing up

13 Aug


a little experiment with cross-processing one of my 120 MV rolls. I was nervous how this would turn out, but i really like the moody contrast the cross created. I also had a few 35mm rolls cross processed which resulted in drastically different images. I’ll share those later this week.

{Long Point Wildlife Refuge, Martha’s Vineyard. Yashica MAT 124. July 2012} 

long point MV

8 Aug


you snatched a sneak peek at a few of my shots from Long Point earlier over on WTSB…how about some more?

{Long Point Wildlife Refuge, Martha’s Vineyard. Yashica MAT 124. July 2012} 

the fleet

3 Aug


the fishing fleet. menemsha harbor, martha’s vineyard. yashica MAT. 

down by the docks

2 Aug


menemsha harbor, martha’s vineyard. july 2012. yashica MAT.  


28 Jun


a couple of yashica shots from last summer. i think about that first shot occasionally, usually when it seems that life is speeding by me. it offers me a moment of calm, and a sense of refuge from the hustle bustle.