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1 Oct


it was a quiet grey weekend. on saturday we visited a few cranberry bogs. I’ve been determined to get a specific shot for an upcoming wtsb, so 2 wknds in a row i found myself on the south shore. i didn’t end up getting the shot, but i did stumble upon the most amazing old barn. it was in the middle of the Makepeace bog, and almost completely entombed in bittersweet! it really hasn’t felt like fall to me yet until this point…photographing weathered barn wood and bittersweet berries in the drizzle. alright, i’m fully on board with fall now!

clockwise from top left: a massive scone from sherman cafe / dried hydrangea in the window at sherman / on closer inspection of the barn i found a vintage makepeace box peeking out, desperately wanted to snatch it / bittersweet / the barn. i took a zillion film photos of this baby so prepare to see more of her!



insta wknd

11 Jun


it was a calm weekend filled with summer veggies, flowers, and celebrations. on saturday we celebrated b-day’s and retirements (!!) with eric’s family. sunday we spent a laid-back afternoon in the garden. we should have our first harvest of greens any day now!

collards drying, fresh from our boston organics delivery / little red potatoes also from BO / eric and i continue to rejoice in cherry season. that lovely celdon colander is eric’s work / peonies in a coffee pot. it’s one of my fav ceramic pieces i’ve made / me outside herbstalk, a fair at the armory celebrating herbs and their medicinal uses. there were more local herbal apothecaries there, then i realized were around! my fav was flower folk / perfecting cold brew coffee, a delicious process. 

insta wknd

29 May



memorial day weekend! eric and i traveled to his fam’s beach cottage in CT to help prep it for the season. it was great to pitch-in with the fam and to dig our toes into the sand once again. sun, sand, grilling, beers…it’s was a pitch-perfect memorial day wknd.  🙂

the cottage / sand at last! / rita’s water ice! a fav of mine from philly that’s now in CT. eric and i got the largest ices we could muster!  oh the brain-freeze was so worth it…but what’s up with me just getting brain freeze for the first time at age 30?! / the cottage looking lovely / my memorial day stripes and eric’s shadowy legs / keeping it somewhat traditional, we grilled our memorial day dinner. it was the first time i’d grilled tofu, and you know what? it was kick-ass. 

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21 May



another action packed weekend. Saturday we celebrated the last hang-out at my pal’s beacon hill bachelor pad. he’s the last one of our friends living in the city, guess we’re growing up. sunday eric and i planted our garden! it was one hell of a feat and I’m really proud of our little plot this year. i have a feeling it’s going to be a really good growing season as we had great success with starting our seeds on our sunporch this spring. the seedlings graduating to the garden this weekend included two kinds of basil, red lettuce, cone flowers, black eyes susans, brocoli rabe, peppers, two types of eggplant, 50+ tomatoes (mostly heirlooms), dill, and cabbage.

clockwise: rainer cherries have finally hit the market. mmm! / on a walk to harvard on saturday i picked up a new little accessory! this little guy must have thought i was flower with those bright pants / a serene charles river shot from the car on the way home from the garden / a little lady bird busy defending my garden from aphids! she actually landed on me right before this shot, i’m quite the bug whisperer this wknd right? 

as always if you’d like to see more shots from my weekend, follow me (abneal) on instagram, there were plenty more that aren’t featured here.

Insta wk

4 May


since i didn’t get a chance to share my insta wknd shots from last week, here are the highlights from my insta week! last monday was my 30th birthday and leading up to it i celebrated with friends through the weekend. we saw a couple really amazing shows: wu lyf on friday and lower dens on sunday. and then we had a smashing vegan dinner on monday night. the celebration continues this weekend as eric has some fun stuff up his sleeve for he and i. I’m so excited to find out what he has planned!

wu lyf and a mysterious blue claw-hand / the new lower dens album i got my paws on at the show, a few days ahead of it’s official release / a beauty of a vintage vw bug spotted in harvard square / b-day manicure / b-day anemones, one of my fav flowers / new mcmc fragrances. garden will be my go to spring scent. 

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23 Apr


what a perfect weekend. eric and i took a long photo walk on saturday around the ‘hood. we wandered down streets we had never been on, yet are so close to out apartment. we saw so many neat little vignettes of life in somerville. really makes me love living in this town. plus the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. our walk ended at highland kitchen with beers, pierogies, and my favorite buffalo brussel sprouts. that’s what i call a perfect afternoon! Sunday brought us snail weather. if you’re not familiar, that’s rain (when the snails come out)! it was the perfect opportunity to stay in and get cozy.

(btw, follow me on instagram for larger versions of these pics and additional shots of my wknd! search: abneal)

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9 Apr


i hope you had a lovely easter/passover holiday! we took a whirlwind trip down to philly to say hi to my folks, eat some easter candy, and to pick up our second car. oh how i missed my VW baby! one exciting little red car caravan later we’re back in boston and looking forward to a busy week. (psst, there’ll be a new words to shoot by tomorrow 😉

1/ the spring growth is so much farther along in PA, including the redbud trees. 2/my cat-crush Aki. i swear i’m coming home with him next time! 3/the little wrench that saved the day. 4/ preparing the corrado for the trip north. 5/ my favorite flower: the violet 6/ dad’s Ford model B.

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2 Apr


another lovely weekend. we started it off with my favorite friday night: dave’s pasta and beers. Saturday night we had friends over for dinner before all heading out to the Wild Flag show. it was an awesome show and it has me looking forward to seeing more live music this spring. Sunday brought us breakfast out and then a trip down to the south shore for another dinner, this time with friends and family. all in all it was a great weekend.

1/ the friday night routine  2/our pretty tulips which have lasted an amazing 2 weeks!  3/mary timony of wild flag tearing it up  4/ my stub after the show & a peep at a new vintage dress i’ve recently acquired  5/ sunday morning tunes  6/the egg and feta from three little figs.

insta wknd

26 Mar


well we squeezed every drop out of this past weekend! the mister and i went out for a pubby night on friday to soak up the last of the (weird) warm weather. saturday we were out and about in the harvard area and then found a spot bar-side to catch the Syracuse game. Sadly out alma mater lost.

sunday we cruised down to providence with miss beth for a little thrifting and met conor for an inpromptu food tour! we hit seven stars bakery, a crummy italian/irish place (that will remain nameless, ick), and Loie Fuller. Loie was amazing, i highly recommend it if you’re in the provi area! we eventually got back to our apartment around 11:30 last night… now that’s how to get the most out of your weekend.


1/ my new dieppa restrepos! they came in time for the weekend. believe the hype, they’re amazing! the peach patent leather is to die for.  2/ cherry blossoms in providence. 3/ downcity providence  4/ cozied up to the bar at loie fuller. the raclette is flipping outta this world there. my cornichon addiction continues! 

**as always check my instagram feed (abneal)  for more wknd pics!** 

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13 Feb


it was a pretty quiet weekend and things were going just swell until i did something really stupid. I guess i was about due for a silly British moment. I lost my wallet & phone, specifically left them on the top of the Mini and drove off! I have never lost my wallet entirely…a debit card here or there, but not the whole thing! and the worst part was is was my new Falcon Wright baby 😦 Nonetheless I’m a lucky lady, because with the help of my SUPER friend Beth, we found the phone! And it didn’t have a scratch on it! (Hooray for gorilla glass!) AND most importantly no one else has found my wallet yet. Fingers are all still crossed that a nice person drops it in my mailbox. UPDATE 2/14: Turns out there are still good honest people out there! My wallet was returned by a sweet lady today! Hooray!! 🙂

Brunch at Sherman Cafe w/Beth + Pete / a roasted cat @ beth + pete’s place. later we ordered pizza and watched portlandia which immediately eased my wallet woes / mmm blueberry scone at Sherman / so there’s planking in the human world and then there’s Olivia’s no-photoshop required flying!  girl is getting good at it these days / clover’s beautiful bar in Inman square / Clover fries / Grillo’s pickles pop-up shop in Inman. we scooped up the last jar of pickled apples of the day. i hear each apple tastes like a mini apple pie. will report back on that soon!