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Insta wknd

12 Nov



i said it over on instagram, but have to reaffirm it….bonus summer days in the fall are awesome! we had a beautiful wknd of warm weather and sunshine. saturday i toured a few church fairs with my pal beth and snatched up some nana-chic knitted goods. I got a $4 version of this beauty ūüôā Later in the day i finally tracked down the witchy winter coat of my dreams! ¬†Sunday Eric and i started on our way up to Maine for a day trip to the beach since the weather was so nice. we were abruptly halted at the NH border by our car’s temperature warning alarm. I call it serendipity, because that led us right to an orchard who had amazing cider donuts! i had just bemoaned the fact i hadn’t had any this fall. we wandered through the barren orchard with a big ol’ bag of sugary donuts while the car cooled down. after our little adventure of kicking pumpkins, bee box snooping, and napping in the sun we called AAA and had our sorry car towed back home.

left column: apple trees in 60 degree november sun / reject pumpkins slowly deflating in the field / eric mid-orchard nap / bittersweet / mini apple pile-up ¬†|| ¬†right column: new witchy coat from cafe society¬†and my ilana kohn daryl shirt / c i d e r ¬† d o n u t s!! / the orchard’s bee hives, risked My Girl fate for this shot! / eric apple tree admiring / beautiful jars at the farm stand.¬†


in sum

23 Mar


ahhh, friday. i’m looking forward to kicking the weekend off by enjoying a walk in the¬†unseasonably warm weather¬†this evening and maybe grabbing some drinks outside somewheres along the way. here are some things that caught my internet eye this week…

1/ a beautiful collection of photos of beetlebung farm by gabriela herman has me excited to start my own garden soon. our seeds went into the dirt on monday! (spotted on butter + brass)

2/ ilana kohn’s new collection just hit her blog and i’m SUPER excited for it. i’ll have one in every color please! the jess shirt (above) and the clipper dress are my favs.

3/ i can’t wait to whip up these rice balls from heidi swanson to take along on a spring day trip! did you hear her cookbook (one of my favs) Super Natural Everyday was nominated for a Beard Award! Well deserved.

4/ as soon as spring strawberries are in the market i am making this sabayon from david lebovitz.

5/ very inspired by the torn photos of scott hazard.

6/ corey arnold‘s photos depicting commercial fishing from his exhibit Wolf Tide are brilliant! ¬†i particularly like this kitty one. more images can be found here. (spotted on my love for you)

in sum

27 Jan


after a wallop of a monday, i’ve been eagerly awaiting this weekend! and i have lots of fun things planned for it now that it’s here. two highlights: facials with my lady friend and a killer show to take in on sunday night. yah!

1/ loving the colors of this photo from the More & Co blog. 

2/ lovely warmer weather looks from Morrison, an Australian line. (spotted on Frolic!)

3/ my snake brooch. I enjoyed this snake-themed  guest post on honey kennedy by Teen Angster. (my photo via instagram)

4/ Mignon, a new kitchen shop launched this week. It is the creation of Rachel from Elephantine. I can imagine preparing a little spring-time picnic with many of the goods from this shop…especially those sporks!¬†

5/ leanne marshall, of project runway fame, added some lovely hand-dyed silk blouses to her shop. Oh, i pine for one of these and a trip to the country that inspired them! 

6/ how chic is this little cat beret! yeah, lots of will power was used to not order up one of those babies for miss cleo. 

7/ kate miss has another shop update in the works, and this beaded necklace would look great with my…..¬†

8/ new Ilana Kohn scarf!! am i right? 

9/ tea-pot inspiration. I’m currently working on several small pots in ceramics and this beauty from Clamlab is quiet dashing.¬†

10/ bonus! I’ve had this catchy tune stuck in my head all week. (not pictured)

{{in sum is a collection of lovely things from across the internets that have caught my eye through the past week.}}