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28 Jun


a couple of yashica shots from last summer. i think about that first shot occasionally, usually when it seems that life is speeding by me. it offers me a moment of calm, and a sense of refuge from the hustle bustle.


Insta Wknd

16 Jan


it was a quiet weekend for me with eric away on a guys weekend to the adirondacks. mostly stayed inside since it was frigid outside (as you can see from my pic of the window above). and based on my pics, i apparently spent most of my time eating! ha! My fav part of the weekend was visiting conor’s cozy little beacon hill apartment for some ricotta gnocchi, a fire, and another x files-fest (!) with beth on Saturday night. I’m becomingly increasingly obsessed with that show.

from left to right: juice from life alive / cleo unimpressed with the vintage loafers i scored at vintage revenge / seriously the BEST grilled cheese i’ve ever made. recipe via gilt taste. it’s cleo approved too! / ate too many cornichons! / sage, isn’t it the best color? / dinner construction at conor’s / dinner is served in conor’s ceramics / A16 ricotta gnocchi, fingerling tatos, brown butter, sage & hot cranberry bevies / my frigid kitchen / the lonely lady dinner plate (ie. mostly cheese!) 

around the house lately

4 May


so hopefully these are the last of the home shots for a while. spring is here and although i love you apartment, we need some time apart. bring on the fresh air & sunshine! hopefully my outdoor b-day shots will be back from the lab tomorrow, fingers crossed.

in contrast

21 Apr


experimenting with the morning light of our kitchen and a (cheap) film from the four corners store. i underexposed the roll and asked the lab to pull it back for me. I really like the contrast this created. I shot another roll without this process, and the results were less than lovely. I’ll post some of those soon. (btw, that lemon tart recipe is here. it’s one of my all time fav’s!)

an eames two ways

8 Feb


ilford delta b&w vs. cheap-o color.

not sure which i like better.  what do you think?

wanting to catch spring fever

7 Feb


it was a nice quiet weekend around here, with nothing much to report.

i’m getting really antsy for spring to get here. i think all this time

indoors is weighing on me. today was surprisingly ‘warm’.

(read: above freezing/not snowing) and sunny!

that’s a start.


5 Feb


snow again!? well then i’m staying here. it’s a protest (of one).

flexing my culinary mussels

4 Feb


it’s rather foodie around here recently. here’s a fav friday night

dinner of mine: moules frites! i have to admit i’m comitted the

makings of this dish to memory but this recipe was my original

inspiration.   have a great weekend!

textures of winter

27 Jan


even though the light fades in the winter, making shooting a bit more of a

challenge, I’ve found some of the most interesting textures are revealed

during these colder months. the shots above are a random collection

of the winter’s texture i’ve found so far. from the top: salty harvard

square, a repotting project late one sunday afternoon, harvard

benches, & salt-washed steps in beacon hill.

23 Nov


a farm pond at sunset and lovely wedding flowers on our coffee table.