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lobster, take two

27 Feb






yes we went back for more lobster. this time they got the royal treatment with the medium format.


cabin in the woods

6 Feb




















bar harbor maine, october 2012

Wish I was there right now…our little (rental) cabin in the woods of Maine that is. I’m pretty certain this was one of the most relaxing vacations we’ve had yet. The mister and I got up to the cabin just before sundown. We poured big glasses of red wine, piled on cozy sweaters and waited for the sunset in the adirondack chairs on the back porch. I think about that hour more times than I care to admit these days.

tandem coffee roasters

19 Sep


a few weekends back we took the long drive up to Portland ME with a couple of friends. I had heard about tandem coffee on the More & Co blog. (they did tandem’s remarkable branding) When we got to Portland we stopped into Seawall and the guys also recommended Tandem, so we knew it was a must.

It did not disappoint! Tandem is located in the East Bayside area of town. Their space is beautiful, i was immediately struck by the Patrick Townsend Orbit chandelier and crisp wood bars. The mood in the shop is super relaxed, like you’ve just popped over to your friend’s house to listen to records and drink coffee. the owners are ex blue bottle folks so they know their stuff for sure. I ordered a malt iced coffee, mostly because I’ve never had one. It was amazing! I cannot wait to go back. and when we do I’m buying beans, how i forgot to grab a bag is beyond me…guess i was really that relaxed there.

(tandem coffee roasters 122 ANDERSON STREET PORTLAND, MAINE 04101)

Insta wknd

17 Sep



fall is here! what a beautiful wknd in new england we had. lots of blue sky, sun, and the return of chilly nights. i love it! On sunday we took a drive up to NH for a little picnic to celebrate the change of season. as we threw down our spread on a picnic table at Wilson farm, we couldn’t stop laughing at the child-like cries of MAAAA! coming from a near by barn. after our meal we investigated the ruckus…to find a little goat heard! mommas, their painfully cute babies, and daddy goats with beards any hipster dude would seriously die for. the owner showed us around and invited us into the barn to meet the vocal bunch. i love how we seem to have a knack for stumbling into remarkable places like this.

wtsb : FUN!

15 Aug


the latest words to shoot by is up! our word was fun. i shot my images in Falmouth on Cape Cod during a relaxed beach weekend. pims cup, lawn games, dinner outside, friends…..that’s summer fun to me!

the sanctuary : part I

24 May


I gave you a glimpse of our recent walk though the ipswich river sanctuary with my shots for WTSB, but that barely captures the brilliance of that place.

wtsb : out

22 May


the latest words to shoot by is up. our word was Out. i took my shots at the Ipswich River Sanctuary.

Also a little bit of wtsb news to pass along…Steph Parke, the fantastic lady who created and has run Words for the past 3 years is stepping down from the helm. She will be missed, though will continue to contribute photos to the project (yay). The equally fantastic mr. dave tuttle is taking over to keep to project going. Hoooray!  Good luck Steph and thanks Dave!

Insta Wknd

6 Feb


insta wknd is back! last week I was a little too under the weather to take it on. we had a romantic weekend…a couple of our old SU friends got hitched on Saturday! Hooray! C + L Forever! I wore a beautiful vintage dress, that made me want to do dress-twirls all night. then sunday we watched the game, which was the perfect (like i need one) excuse to bring out the fry-baby. Deep fried brussel sprouts! Thank goodness my stomach is almost back to normal.

the mister all suited up and looking mighty fly (if i do say so) / champs! at the weddin’ / my twirly vintage frock and CK heels / more dress, this time in the church pew / the most stunning flowers from the wedding (yep i brought them home) / deep fried madness. buffalo brussel sprouts w/blue cheese and onion rings. there was also fried cauliflower with fresh made salsa / miss cleo helps me with primping for the wedding.

duxbury beach

8 Sep


duxbury beach, duxbury, MA

a new look

6 Sep


berry farm, ipswich ma

eyes has a new look! i spent the better part of sunday refreshing things around here. i hope you like the redesign. i’ll be back later this week with some overdue beach pics. i’m not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. it kills me that people say summer is over just because labor day rolls around. bah. we have 3 more weeks, then i’ll be ready for cool nights and hot cider.