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beach panoramics

28 Sep


a fun little feature to my Olympus point & shoot is the panoramic setting. I found it completely on accident and it seemed pretty useless to me at first. just lopping the top and bottom off of a shot seemed like something i’d easily do in lightroom, but once i started using it i began to shoot for the pano. it forced me to me more exact with my composition. i really like how these longer shots of the dunes at Sandy Neck turned out.



6 Sep


an alt version for my last words to shoot by.

{Sandy Neck Beach, Cape Cod MA. Polaroid spectra, Impossible Project film}

crossing up

13 Aug


a little experiment with cross-processing one of my 120 MV rolls. I was nervous how this would turn out, but i really like the moody contrast the cross created. I also had a few 35mm rolls cross processed which resulted in drastically different images. I’ll share those later this week.

{Long Point Wildlife Refuge, Martha’s Vineyard. Yashica MAT 124. July 2012} 

spring is here

20 Mar


happy first day of spring! eric started our seeds yesterday, and i have the anual spring community garden meeting this evening. on top of that it’s 70-something degrees outside and not even noon yet! now I have some serious spring fever.

(above: one of my favorites from crane’s that i somehow forgot to post.)

b/w : sand

16 Mar


crane’s beach. ipswich. MA.

this is the end of the crane’s shots. I’ve been saving these, best for last you know?  i am over the moon with how these sand shots came out. i knew that i was seeing something very special and fleeting in the ripples and waves that the wind sculpted into the sand of the dunes. I’m pleased the film responded so well to the diminishing light that afternoon. now try and stop me from running right back to the beach this weekend and shooting more! 60+ degrees and sun for both days. yeah, just try.