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lobster, take two

27 Feb






yes we went back for more lobster. this time they got the royal treatment with the medium format.


wtsb : cheer

10 Dec







life has been at light speed the past couple weeks, and i missed posting the latest Words. Our word was cheer, to celebrate the season and another successful year of Words to Shoot By. I stumbled upon an overly cheerful (read: drunken) scene in harvard square a couple wknds back. the Yulefest 5K had just ended and its participants were in refreshing themselves and enjoying one hell of a dance party; it’s was pretty entertaining. coincidentally i saw that same elf (last shot) in full costume leaving the Cambridge 5K this past sunday, serial holiday 5k’er?

Cheer will be our final post for the year and the project will go on a short hiatus while everyone enjoys the holidays. we’ll be back in the new year, can’t wait.

peachy polas

18 May


i recently snagged some polaroid film which I plan to shoot intermittently though the summer. these were shot back on my birthday, in harvard square. the film is Impossible Project Color Shade 600. I love the peach tones of these two photos. it’s odd, because the bug was actually peach in color, but the ball jars were decidedly more blue in tone. I guess my camera envisioned these two as a pair and the second came out peach.

leaves of red

11 May


eric and i have a new tree crush, the copper beech. there will surly be one beside that big old house we have some day. copper beeches can live up to 300 years, and have trunks up to 10 feet in diameter!their leaves are stunning, translucent, and at times seemingly florescent when the sun hits them. cambridge is rich with these beech trees, so we’ll keep crushing on ’em till we win the lottery and buy that big old house.

have a good weekend! 

leaves of green

10 May


on a recent walk though Cambridge with my camera I was drawn to leaves…green leaves.

wtsb : chair

8 May


the latest words to shoot by is up! our word was chair. these were taken on a few different walks between somerville & harvard square. the second shot is one of my favorite shots i’ve taken in the past few weeks.

Insta wk

4 May


since i didn’t get a chance to share my insta wknd shots from last week, here are the highlights from my insta week! last monday was my 30th birthday and leading up to it i celebrated with friends through the weekend. we saw a couple really amazing shows: wu lyf on friday and lower dens on sunday. and then we had a smashing vegan dinner on monday night. the celebration continues this weekend as eric has some fun stuff up his sleeve for he and i. I’m so excited to find out what he has planned!

wu lyf and a mysterious blue claw-hand / the new lower dens album i got my paws on at the show, a few days ahead of it’s official release / a beauty of a vintage vw bug spotted in harvard square / b-day manicure / b-day anemones, one of my fav flowers / new mcmc fragrances. garden will be my go to spring scent. 

winter randoms

4 Apr


in doing a little blog spring cleaning, i found these winter shots i haven’t yet shared. i love the light in some of the hardvard square pics. they were taken just after sunset, which i have heard  referred to as the blue hour.

(1-2 : providence RI / 3-4 : innman square, cambridge / 5-11 : harvard square, cambridge)

wtsb : outtakes

28 Mar


some of the outtakes from my last words to shoot by. i’m glad i was able to capture the magnolias in bloom. Sadly they were fired by the recent frost, and now browned blooms remain. Although from the street the trees have a rusty orange looks that is pretty interesting.

wtsb : double

27 Mar


the latest words to shoot by is up! our word was double.