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insta wknd

21 May



another action packed weekend. Saturday we celebrated the last hang-out at my pal’s beacon hill bachelor pad. he’s the last one of our friends living in the city, guess we’re growing up. sunday eric and i planted our garden! it was one hell of a feat and I’m really proud of our little plot this year. i have a feeling it’s going to be a really good growing season as we had great success with starting our seeds on our sunporch this spring. the seedlings graduating to the garden this weekend included two kinds of basil, red lettuce, cone flowers, black eyes susans, brocoli rabe, peppers, two types of eggplant, 50+ tomatoes (mostly heirlooms), dill, and cabbage.

clockwise: rainer cherries have finally hit the market. mmm! / on a walk to harvard on saturday i picked up a new little accessory! this little guy must have thought i was flower with those bright pants / a serene charles river shot from the car on the way home from the garden / a little lady bird busy defending my garden from aphids! she actually landed on me right before this shot, i’m quite the bug whisperer this wknd right? 

as always if you’d like to see more shots from my weekend, follow me (abneal) on instagram, there were plenty more that aren’t featured here.


Georges Island: Part 3 thresholds

10 Jun


a few of my favorite threshold shots from the fort on George’s Island.

Georges Island: Part 2 the grunge

10 Jun


this is the grungier side of the fort, and I LOVE it of course… well my camera eye loves it!

wtsb b-sides

11 May


Here’s a few of the shots that didn’t make my Words triptych. I adored shooting trees. They felt like portraits to me, something I don’t think I’m that good at yet. Each has distinct personality and texture. I’m definitely going to shoot more, hopefully getting to the back half of the Arboretum to do so soon. I posted a few more out takes over on my Flickr page.

textures of winter

27 Jan


even though the light fades in the winter, making shooting a bit more of a

challenge, I’ve found some of the most interesting textures are revealed

during these colder months. the shots above are a random collection

of the winter’s texture i’ve found so far. from the top: salty harvard

square, a repotting project late one sunday afternoon, harvard

benches, & salt-washed steps in beacon hill.

beacon hill : rooftops and doorways

24 Jan


a few more BH shots for a cold monday morning.

fire escapes

19 Jan


on a recent walk through beacon hill

i caught myself admiring how the

old fire escapes caught the late

afternoon light.

little lights

15 Jan


loving that they are still up.

have a good long weekend!

great boston molasses flood

15 Jan


Ninety-two years ago today, a 50 foot wave of molasses cascaded through boston’s

north end.  Although i had heard of this horrible event, I thought it had to be urban

legend. oh no, this is the real deal. Look at these images from the boston public

library’s flickr stream. the molasses still dripping from that ladder, amazing.

the BPL has a great flickr stream, which has been very active of late.

be sure to check out their construction set as well.