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the road to bar harbor

17 Jan

















On our way up to bar harbor we decided to the take the slow winding road up the coast, stopping in as many tiny fishing towns as we could. We watched the sunrise over the Rockland harbor then meandered up to Camden, Castine and Belfast. Most of these shots are from Belfast.


beach panoramics

28 Sep


a fun little feature to my Olympus point & shoot is the panoramic setting. I found it completely on accident and it seemed pretty useless to me at first. just lopping the top and bottom off of a shot seemed like something i’d easily do in lightroom, but once i started using it i began to shoot for the pano. it forced me to me more exact with my composition. i really like how these longer shots of the dunes at Sandy Neck turned out.


25 Sep


I knew when i saw this hill that it would end up my favorite shot from MV and it’s particularly fitting for this, my 500th post! wow!

{Wasque Beach, Martha’s Vineyard. July 2012. Nikon F3}

WTSB : Water

24 Sep

and a few outtakes….


the latest Words to Shoot By it up! This round our word was WATER, and we also had an open call for entries so the post at WTSB is jam-packed with great photos! I shot my images at Sandy Neck Beach on Cape Cod. The water was surprisingly warm that day. Through the shallow tide i waded out and watched the patterns the sun refracted on the sand through the water. there were quiet a few people out in the water near me and in the last shot you can see someone parked their cane on the beach while they took a dip. i love it.

waves crash

21 Sep


Wasque Beach, Martha’s Vineyard. July 2012. Nikon F3. 

wasque beach

20 Sep


Wasque Beach. Chappaquiddick, Martha’s Vineyard. July 2012. Yashica MAT. 

The washed-out, wave beaten trees on Wasque were so much fun to explore, and provided as slightly terrifying moment as i got a little to far out on the stip of beach they were marooned on…with my Yash…as the tide quickly returned. Camera high and dry, i returned with some nice shots.

aqinnah cliffs

20 Sep


aquinnah cliffs & jungle beach, Martha’s Vineyard. July 2012. 

prepare for a little deluge of vineyard photos. i realized last night i had squirreled away a few too many vineyard posts and then forgot about them, whoops! well it may just be the best time, as the magic of that little island has faded for me so revisiting it exactly what i wanna do about now.

brush fire

7 Sep


well not really, but the grass is fire-red thanks to the x-pro. what a sweet surprise at the end of the roll.

{Aquinnah Cliffs, Martha’s Vineyard. Fuji Velvia Cross-processed}


6 Sep


an alt version for my last words to shoot by.

{Sandy Neck Beach, Cape Cod MA. Polaroid spectra, Impossible Project film}

insta wknd

27 Aug



i realized this weekend i hadn’t done a insta wknd in a while, so having had an amazing beach day yesterday i thought i’d get back with the program. I’m pretty serious about not letting the rest of summer slide by without fully enjoying it, so a beach day was in order. new england beaches are best in the late summer! Sunday eric and i got up early to drive down to Sandy Neck Beach on the Cape. We got in all the good stuff… morning beach lounge, fried goodness at a clam shack, took tons of photos, and ate too much ice cream. good stuff! I’ll be back this week with a new words to shoot by and a few more straggling MV photos. cheers!