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apple picking

11 Dec


apple picking one afternoon in late october.

6 Dec


so remember fall? I can’t believe how the time flew and here we are in December with twinkling little lights and pine needles on my living room floor. well to remind us what a beautiful fall it was, here are some lovely shots from the last weekend of apple picking in new england. I have tons of photos squirreled away from the past (busy) month as well, so please stay tuned this week …

orchard afternoon

23 Sep


So I’m probably doing this backwards. I showed you the pie before the actual picking of the apples, but a hot apple pie waits fro no one! I digress. Above are some shots from a perfect pre-fall afternoon in Brooksby orchard. it was the first possible weekend for apple picking so beth, pete, & I jumped at the chance to over-stuff little plastic peck bags & devour as many apples as we could stomach before emerging from the cover of the trees. i hope this is the first of many orchard visits this fall, because there are so many apple pie recipes i want to try out. my next venture is this one with a cheddar crust. mmmm!

*photo credit: pete took shot the third photo down of my hand. Thanks man!