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the road to bar harbor

17 Jan

















On our way up to bar harbor we decided to the take the slow winding road up the coast, stopping in as many tiny fishing towns as we could. We watched the sunrise over the Rockland harbor then meandered up to Camden, Castine and Belfast. Most of these shots are from Belfast.


portland maine

14 Nov


from an early-fall trip to portland ME. we popped into seawall, drank coffee at tandem, ate potato donuts, hunted for antiques, and got tatoos (!!) fun times, i can’t wait to go back.

wtsb : fall

17 Oct


well lookie what i just found in my drafts folder! better late than never right? our most recent words to shoot by post was Fall. i shot it in and around a cranberry bog in Carver, MA. I’ll have many more shots of that bog and it’s bittersweet encased old barn to share soon!

captain frosty’s

28 Sep


following our lounge session on Sandy Neck beach we stuck to tradition and found a late lunch at the nearest clam shack.  that happened to be captain frosty’s. I had fried smelts and eric devoured some fried clams.usually these places don’t have too much of a dining area but the Captain’s did. it was clad in old knotty pine inside and the patio was under the cover of a big old oak tree. I absolutely love the signage too! i wish i had some reason to have a sign lettered up just like that for my kitchen. For old salt and little sailors….. !

beach panoramics

28 Sep


a fun little feature to my Olympus point & shoot is the panoramic setting. I found it completely on accident and it seemed pretty useless to me at first. just lopping the top and bottom off of a shot seemed like something i’d easily do in lightroom, but once i started using it i began to shoot for the pano. it forced me to me more exact with my composition. i really like how these longer shots of the dunes at Sandy Neck turned out.

13 Apr


happy friday! it’s a long weekend here in MA and there’s some amazing weather forecast so i’m hoping to get out with my cameras. have a good one!

(redbud tree from my recent trip to PA) 

wtsb outtakes

12 Apr


in prep for green i shot two rolls of film on an inexpensive little Olympus point & shoot i picked up over the winter. I kind of bought it on a whim, having heard it produced images similar to that of the lomo LCA. i was fairly nervous to see the green shots, since the first roll this camera produced for me was rather weak. i was pleasantly surprised with how these turned out. i love how it captured the light….extra cool in the shade and rich and contrasty in the sun…similar to the lomo. little olympus you’re alright.

(if you’re curious, it’s an Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 DLX) 

wtsb : green

10 Apr


the latest words to shoot by is up! our word was green, which is a special word because it honors the first word 3 years ago. it’s wtsb’s 3 year anniversary. Congratulations Steph and the rest of the Words gang!

my shots were all taken in my parents backyard in PA. spring is much farther along down there with green spilling out of every corner and sidewalk crack.