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Insta January

4 Feb




Well after a busy month without any Insta Wknds I though a little recap of the month’s highlights was in order. Eric and I started off the new year with the flu (boo!) so there was a fair amount of self medicating. Whether it was the donuts or fancy gin, it did the trick. By mid month I was up for a few outings and we saw Salem and made our annual ikea visit. The end of the month brought a trip up to Crane’s beach for a WTSB shoot. It was bitterly cold & fiercely windy but so beautiful. Can’t wait to get back there in the warmer weather.

Set 1 clockwise: our first coffees post flu. Pure magic / donuts from Lyndell’s revived us / St. George gin, I’ve been on a bit of a gin kick / a lovely cut paper lamp at ikea / beautiful Seaworthy earrings from my lovely friend Beth.
Set 2 clockwise: the adorable paws of Tux, the senior neighbor cat I have a total crush on / shaved brussel sprout salad from Area 4 I’ve been obsessed with / a remarkably perilous book shop in Salem. I first photographed it years ago / light fading on crane’s beach / this past weekend, a trip to Sofra.


Insta Wknd

19 Nov



what a great weekend! on sunday my farmer friend steve invited us out to his farm in Lunenberg for a free pick in his fields alongside his CSA members. I jumped at the chance to fill canvas bags with fresh veggies that otherwise would have been plowed-over a few days later. there’s really something rewarding in digging out a nearly 2ft long parsnip with your bare hands and a small stick….okay so i wasn’t quite prepared but it made it that much more fun! when we returned home I quickly realized i may have gotten a little over-zealous with my shopping in the field because when we spread out the washed kale to dry on our dining room table …. it covered the entire table! SO kale for dinner for the next 2 weeks! YUM.

clockwise from top left: a much needed adult bevie on friday night. vodka/homemade cranberry syrup/meyer lemon | all that kale! | red cabbage winding down | one of many hand-dug parsnips | dried flowers and seed pods | steve’s farmhouse in the distance. ¬†

Insta wknd

12 Nov



i said it over on instagram, but have to reaffirm it….bonus summer days in the fall are awesome! we had a beautiful wknd of warm weather and sunshine. saturday i toured a few church fairs with my pal beth and snatched up some nana-chic knitted goods. I got a $4 version of this beauty ūüôā Later in the day i finally tracked down the witchy winter coat of my dreams! ¬†Sunday Eric and i started on our way up to Maine for a day trip to the beach since the weather was so nice. we were abruptly halted at the NH border by our car’s temperature warning alarm. I call it serendipity, because that led us right to an orchard who had amazing cider donuts! i had just bemoaned the fact i hadn’t had any this fall. we wandered through the barren orchard with a big ol’ bag of sugary donuts while the car cooled down. after our little adventure of kicking pumpkins, bee box snooping, and napping in the sun we called AAA and had our sorry car towed back home.

left column: apple trees in 60 degree november sun / reject pumpkins slowly deflating in the field / eric mid-orchard nap / bittersweet / mini apple pile-up ¬†|| ¬†right column: new witchy coat from cafe society¬†and my ilana kohn daryl shirt / c i d e r ¬† d o n u t s!! / the orchard’s bee hives, risked My Girl fate for this shot! / eric apple tree admiring / beautiful jars at the farm stand.¬†


1 Oct


it was a quiet grey weekend. on saturday we visited a few cranberry bogs. I’ve been determined to get a specific shot for an upcoming wtsb, so 2 wknds in a row i found myself on the south shore. i didn’t end up getting the shot, but i did stumble upon the most amazing old barn. it was in the middle of the Makepeace bog, and almost completely entombed in bittersweet! it really hasn’t felt like fall to me yet until this point…photographing weathered barn wood and bittersweet berries in the drizzle. alright, i’m fully on board with fall now!

clockwise from top left: a massive scone from sherman cafe / dried hydrangea in the window at sherman / on closer inspection of the barn i found a vintage makepeace box peeking out, desperately wanted to snatch it / bittersweet / the barn. i took a zillion film photos of this baby so prepare to see more of her!


Insta wknd

24 Sep



so i thought it was gonna be a slightly dreary weekend, but it was anything but! we headed to providence on saturday to visit our pal conor. we searched out the provi farmes market where we scarfed down half price scones. following that we enjoyed lunch outside at Seven stars from where the boys took off for some home improvement work, while lady beth and I went thrifting. I did really well…vintage lace dress, coach bag, straw hat, cat print apron, and a LP rack. Beth uncovered a pair of benches which match a piece we already have, so that was definitely the cherry on top.

clockwise from the top left: roses still¬†going strong at¬†seven stars / my thrifting haul / thrifted dress hanging in conor’s garage / sunday night grub. corn pudding, sprouts, and aparagus…with coconut lemon sauce / praying mantis i rescued from the street. lady was just sunning herself in middle of the road! ¬†

Insta wknd

17 Sep



fall is here! what a beautiful wknd in new england we had. lots of blue sky, sun, and the return of chilly nights. i love it! On sunday we took a drive up to NH for a little picnic to celebrate the change of season. as we threw down our spread on a picnic table at Wilson farm, we couldn’t stop laughing at the child-like cries of MAAAA! coming from a near by barn. after our meal we investigated the ruckus…to find a little goat heard! mommas, their painfully cute babies, and daddy goats with beards any hipster dude would seriously die for. the owner showed us around and invited us into the barn to meet the vocal bunch. i love how we seem to have a knack for stumbling into remarkable places like this.

insta wknd

27 Aug



i realized this weekend i hadn’t done a insta wknd in a while, so having had an amazing beach day yesterday i thought i’d get back with the program. I’m pretty serious about not letting the rest of summer slide by without fully¬†enjoying it, so a beach day was in order. new england beaches are best in the late summer! Sunday eric and i got up early to drive down to Sandy Neck Beach on the Cape. We got in all the good stuff… morning beach lounge, fried goodness at a clam shack, took tons of photos, and ate too much ice cream. good stuff! I’ll be back this week with a new words to shoot by and a few more straggling MV photos. cheers!


16 Jul



I have to admit we are doing a bang-up job at enjoying this summer. we spent our weekend in falmouth on cape cod at a friend’s fam’s summer cottage (thank you missy and joe!!). it was a blast. family dinner outside, bike rides,beach, lobster (ice cream and rolls!), and lots of sunshine. perfection!

clock wise from the right: dinner of tempeh stuffed peppers, gazpacho, and salt potatoes / surf drive beach between falmouth and woods hole. i actually went in the water! a rare event in cold new england waters for me / my view from the back of our bike pack as we cruised the shining sea bike path with tunes blasting and enjoying a shared milkshake / the path to falmouth beach   

insta wknd

26 Jun



Just a quiet weekend at home, before a bountiful and busy July.

prospect hill, one of my favorite places in somerville. i would like to live here please / an Ocean Ave Pop that served as breakfast during my farmers market run. it was watermelon, blueberry, basil flavored. yum! / a porch lunch of tofu sammiches and ice-cold water with the mister and cat / the view from our spot on the Esplanade on sunday afternoon / out and about in my salties on sunday 

insta wknd

11 Jun


it was a calm weekend filled with summer veggies, flowers, and celebrations. on saturday we celebrated b-day’s and retirements (!!) with eric’s family. sunday we spent a laid-back afternoon in the garden. we should have our first harvest of greens any day now!

collards drying, fresh from our boston organics delivery / little red potatoes also from BO / eric and i continue to rejoice in cherry season. that lovely celdon colander is eric’s work / peonies in a coffee pot. it’s one of my fav ceramic pieces i’ve made / me outside herbstalk, a fair at the armory celebrating herbs and their medicinal uses. there were more local herbal apothecaries there, then i realized were around! my fav was flower folk¬†/ perfecting¬†cold brew¬†coffee, a delicious process.¬†