Camera Kit

my Yashica-MAT

My camera equipment includes . .. .


pentax k1000. Classic 35mm film camera, introduced in 1976 and was produced for over 20 years. My all time favorite camera to shoot with in my collection. This guy comes with me almost everywhere I go. Most of my 35mm shots come from this camera.  

Lomo LCA. a compact 35mm lomography camera. I love this little guy because he’s so easy to slip into my purse when traveling. It takes gorgeous saturated shots with a dark vignette. i believe it’s the perfect point & shoot film camera. 

canon ae-1 program. Classic 35mm introduced in ’81. this one got lots of use in high school, but now is mostly retired, occasionally seeing a roll or two for nostalgia’s sake. 

minolta x-570. My first slr film camera, also saw many rolls through high school. Introduced my Minolta in 1983. 

yashica electro 35 G. my first range finder camera. the electro create dreamy 35mm film shots. first released in 1968. 


medium format

Yashica-MAT. my 120 baby. i adore the depth of field this baby creates. if it had a light meter built in, it could very well steal my heart from the k1000. manufactured beginning in 1957. mine has a 80mm yashinon lens. and she is, in fact, missing her name badge (as seen above). i’d bet its previous owner acquired it for the badge and then replaced it with the metal it has now before putting it up for sale. 

h0lga 120N. a lovely plastic toy camera. i run both 120 and 35mm films through this camera. i’m always pleased with the mysterious light leaks this baby turns up. 



sun 600 & one step close up. a pair of classic 600 integral film polas which product 3.1″ images. i love the film impossible project has been releasing for these cameras. 

spectra SE. integral pola film similar to the 600 but with a rectangular 9.2 x 7.3cm format. this camera has much more adjustability over the 600’s. 

340 land camera. folding pack-film camera with range finder focus. by a great stroke of luck i won this beautiful camera from the film photography project. i adore the peel apart images is creates. i’m still getting to know this camera, but imagine it will come with me on many adventures in the future. 

sx-70. another new addition to the kit. this is one of the most versatile integral film polas, with a great range of image adjustability. check out the work of amanda gilligan and steph parke, two ladies who consistently make magic with this camera. 



nikon d80. okay so this is really eric’s camera, but i do occasionally use it for larger format digi shots or when the pentax is not handy.


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