Insta January

4 Feb




Well after a busy month without any Insta Wknds I though a little recap of the month’s highlights was in order. Eric and I started off the new year with the flu (boo!) so there was a fair amount of self medicating. Whether it was the donuts or fancy gin, it did the trick. By mid month I was up for a few outings and we saw Salem and made our annual ikea visit. The end of the month brought a trip up to Crane’s beach for a WTSB shoot. It was bitterly cold & fiercely windy but so beautiful. Can’t wait to get back there in the warmer weather.

Set 1 clockwise: our first coffees post flu. Pure magic / donuts from Lyndell’s revived us / St. George gin, I’ve been on a bit of a gin kick / a lovely cut paper lamp at ikea / beautiful Seaworthy earrings from my lovely friend Beth.
Set 2 clockwise: the adorable paws of Tux, the senior neighbor cat I have a total crush on / shaved brussel sprout salad from Area 4 I’ve been obsessed with / a remarkably perilous book shop in Salem. I first photographed it years ago / light fading on crane’s beach / this past weekend, a trip to Sofra.


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