Insta Wknd

19 Nov



what a great weekend! on sunday my farmer friend steve invited us out to his farm in Lunenberg for a free pick in his fields alongside his CSA members. I jumped at the chance to fill canvas bags with fresh veggies that otherwise would have been plowed-over a few days later. there’s really something rewarding in digging out a nearly 2ft long parsnip with your bare hands and a small stick….okay so i wasn’t quite prepared but it made it that much more fun! when we returned home I quickly realized i may have gotten a little over-zealous with my shopping in the field because when we spread out the washed kale to dry on our dining room table …. it covered the entire table! SO kale for dinner for the next 2 weeks! YUM.

clockwise from top left: a much needed adult bevie on friday night. vodka/homemade cranberry syrup/meyer lemon | all that kale! | red cabbage winding down | one of many hand-dug parsnips | dried flowers and seed pods | steve’s farmhouse in the distance.  


One Response to “Insta Wknd”

  1. 158 Main & JPD November 19, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    Love the collage to introduce the narrative. And the Instagram texture is perfect for a texture that makes you feel close to the earth.

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