Insta wknd

22 Oct



we kept it pretty laid back this wknd. a little garden work for me on saturday, then we had friends over for dinner. sunday we traveled down to rhodie to check out a hoard of furniture in a big old shambly house.

clockwise from top left: almost the last of the harvest from my community garden plot. this is all my little eggplants could muster! / zinnias that i scooped out of the composter, seemed perfectly good to me / fully illuminated cabbage / pastries from flour, my prize to myself for a successful garden clean up. that sticky bun was still warm from the oven, btw! / a dreamy rug found at that big rhodie shambly that mr. hoarder wasn’t about to sell.  ;0 

FYI: shambly (sham•blEE) noun defined as a large wooden house, usually 80+years of age that is in a state of serious disrepair unbeknownst to the owner. beauty is ofern found in it's peeling paint and crooked stature. see also: slum-crush (the un-inhabited version of a shambly). 


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