Insta wknd (XL edition)

15 Oct



an extra-large edition of insta wknd this monday because the last few wknds have been awesome but one pesky busy week kept me away from the blog. over columbus day wknd eric and i drove up to bar harbor, ME. we took an extra slow route so we could cruise the coast and make many stops in the little seaside towns along the road. i realized about half way to bar harbor that i absolutely love maine…little rhodie you have some feirce competition! the highlight of our trip was acadia national park…particularly the view from the top of the North Bubble!

from the top left, clockwise: our cabin for the wknd. my new idea of dream home / lobsters at Trenton Bridge Lobsters. most definitely the best lobsters i’ve eaten. and we did twice! both days following visits to the park / love the rocky coast of maine. this was on the south side of Mt Desert Island as we ate lunch on a big rock / spotted this baby on the hike up north bubble / the spectacular view from North Bubble. Jordan Pond was just below us and you can see the cranberry islands and the gulf of maine in the distance / the trees were just about peak in the park, and this guy was a scrappy, yet beautiful example. 



then this past wknd…it was a quiet one with little planned. we impulsively hopped in the car on saturday afternoon with serious cravings for apple cider donuts, so off to a tiny little orchard up Rt 2 we went! at Nicewicz Farm the trees were jammed with apples and we basically had the whole orchard to ourselves! so with a gigantic 1/2 bushel of the most delicious apples safely loaded into the car (how that paper bag didn’t explode is beyond me!) we headed home. food craziness forced us off the road (we never found those donuts) and into a couple little farmstands where i consumed more sugar than I would have in an entire month (had the headache to prove that!). sunday we stayed in, watched the rain pour down, and i devised how i was to use 30+lbs of apples.

from the top left, clockwise: tree candy / fall wouldn’t be complete! we grabbed a swan neck gourd and a “one too many” pumpkin / roadside dark chocolate turtle heaven, begin sugar-high / misty green pumpkins i have no use for but desperately want / so many good things at this farmstand i actually passed these up! / i’m a little suspicious of blackberries in the fall, but they sure are pretty! 


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