insta wknd

14 May



this past weekend i took in lots of much needed sun and fresh air. saturday, the weather was brilliant, really it couldn’t have been better. we went to the ipswich river sanctuary. we walked the trails, dipped our toes in the river, walked around barefoot, and became intoxicated with the silence of the forest. i took zillions of photos and instagrams. i hope to have some new polaroids up later this week which i shot in the woods, and some 120 film shots in a few weeks to share as well.

one of the many boardwalks in the IR Santuary. incidentally, it look a little barren here… but there was huge black snake curled up on the log in the foreground of that shot. and just steps behind me a momma groundhog hidding with her babies at the foot of a tree / blue birds atop their nesting boxes in the sanctuary / miss mossy toes, that’s me and it felt so good / strawberries! yup we ate the whole bowl in one sitting during our first porch brunch of the year. 

as always if you’d like to see more shots from my weekend, follow me (abneal) on instagram, and this weekend there were plenty more that aren’t featured here.


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