insta wknd

7 May


birthday weekend, part deux! since i went ahead and planned a bunch of stuff last weekend, eric and i didn’t get to celebrate my day just the two of us. so this past weekend, he pulled off a pitch-perfect (surprise) birthday celebration for me (lucky girl!). Saturday we took a trip to Rhodie for the pawtucket farmer’s market and then we enjoyed a fancy dinner that evening. sunday he really over did it, in the best way possible. he took me to the boston ballet!! as an ex-ballerina I was OVER THE MOON!  then if that was enough, he surprised me with tickets to David Sedaris at the Boston Opera House! best. birthday. ever.  🙂

my new hetterson speckle dress came on Saturday morning! i immediately changed out of what i was planning to wear and into this. i love it / along our rhodie cruise on sat afternoon we stopped to watch a couple of bulls lazing about a field of buttercups. reminded me instantly of The Story of Ferdinand / Pawtucket farmer’s market haul / a beautifully weathered door in Bristol RI / the moment when i figured out  eric’s plan at the opera house / autographed pointe slipper from the Ballet! i may or may not have given these a test drive in the lobby of the ballet during intermission. 


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