insta wknd

26 Mar


well we squeezed every drop out of this past weekend! the mister and i went out for a pubby night on friday to soak up the last of the (weird) warm weather. saturday we were out and about in the harvard area and then found a spot bar-side to catch the Syracuse game. Sadly out alma mater lost.

sunday we cruised down to providence with miss beth for a little thrifting and met conor for an inpromptu food tour! we hit seven stars bakery, a crummy italian/irish place (that will remain nameless, ick), and Loie Fuller. Loie was amazing, i highly recommend it if you’re in the provi area! we eventually got back to our apartment around 11:30 last night… now that’s how to get the most out of your weekend.


1/ my new dieppa restrepos! they came in time for the weekend. believe the hype, they’re amazing! the peach patent leather is to die for.  2/ cherry blossoms in providence. 3/ downcity providence  4/ cozied up to the bar at loie fuller. the raclette is flipping outta this world there. my cornichon addiction continues! 

**as always check my instagram feed (abneal)  for more wknd pics!** 


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