in sum

16 Mar


Hello hello, Friday! I’m back with In Sum, which i took offline for a couple weeks…a couple busy weeks. With that here are a few things that caught my eye this week. Happy weekend! and St. Patties Day to you. . .

1/ I have been throwing for a few years now (really!?) and I’m so inspired by bold, rough work like this pedestal bowl from Adam Whatley of Claywork. The glaze is brilliant and it’s topped off with fungi!…amazing. (spotted on TeenAngster)

2/Love this recent shot from Jonathan Levitt of Grass Doe. Perhaps he likes the beach in winter as much as me.

3/ I have a pretty fierce design-crush on furniture-maker Ariel Alasko. Wood is one of my favorite mediums, yet i rarely work in it. I have such a deep respect for folks who do. And if you’ve been following the blog in the past few weeks you know i have a thing for old, abandoned house and their weathered wood and peeling paint. this lady’s work effortlessly commands those two lusts of mine. She scours old houses & barns for her supplies! Her tables are beyond brilliant!  See more of her work and brooklyn studio on The Makers. and Ariel’s blog is lovely as well.

4/ I’ve had a little bit of the wanderlust bug of late. I blame March in New England on that, but i digress. I’ve been taken with the idea of alternative dwelling for our next vacation….perhaps a yurt in big sur? Why not.  (photo: cabin porn / crazy yurt idea c/o Cup of jo)


**Also I’m am officially excited for summer! Yes, I know it isn’t even spring yet (remember, march in NE!). Last night I got my paws on tickets to see Beach House in Central Park this July!! That means the last two weekends of July will be packed with amazing music as I secured Newport Folk Fest tickets a couple weeks ago. It’s gonna be one hell of a summer. Btw, if the new single from Beach house is any indication of the awesomeness contained in the rest of the new album then we are in for a killer show under the stars (skyscrapers?). 

Beach House – Myth


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