Insta Wknd

21 Feb


it’s a bit of an extended version of Insta Wknd due to the long weekend. i kicked it off with a haircut on friday night followed by a FRY-day party at conor’s and a showing of “the saddest music in the world”.  We celebrated our friends’ joe and missy’s double b-day on Saturday night with drinks and a ridiculous game called “bite the bag”. Sunday found me in NH thrifting with the ladies, and i made a massive new england discovery….Savers! the bigest bestest thrift shop i’ve been to. Umm, $6 Calvin Klein wool blazer amongst many other gems 🙂  then presidents day was relaxed (see miss cleo above!) and ended with us seeing the Portlandia the tour at Berklee! It was pretty kick-ass. J Mascis and Eleanor Friedberger were the surprise special guests. they did not disappoint!

from left to right: chop chop, a haircut for me / rose bakery pancakes! my favorite pancake recipes EVER. also FYI, it’s National Pancake Day a week from today! / frying up some baby brussel sprouts / fried cauliflower and Pretty Things / con-man doubling up! / bite the bag in progress / thrifting. i saw so many ball jars of buttons or marbles…new trend? / an original russel wright clock i scored / cleo catching some z’s and rays / the portlandia tour. fred, carrie, and eleanor. 


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