Insta Wknd

13 Feb


it was a pretty quiet weekend and things were going just swell until i did something really stupid. I guess i was about due for a silly British moment. I lost my wallet & phone, specifically left them on the top of the Mini and drove off! I have never lost my wallet entirely…a debit card here or there, but not the whole thing! and the worst part was is was my new Falcon Wright baby 😦 Nonetheless I’m a lucky lady, because with the help of my SUPER friend Beth, we found the phone! And it didn’t have a scratch on it! (Hooray for gorilla glass!) AND most importantly no one else has found my wallet yet. Fingers are all still crossed that a nice person drops it in my mailbox. UPDATE 2/14: Turns out there are still good honest people out there! My wallet was returned by a sweet lady today! Hooray!! 🙂

Brunch at Sherman Cafe w/Beth + Pete / a roasted cat @ beth + pete’s place. later we ordered pizza and watched portlandia which immediately eased my wallet woes / mmm blueberry scone at Sherman / so there’s planking in the human world and then there’s Olivia’s no-photoshop required flying!  girl is getting good at it these days / clover’s beautiful bar in Inman square / Clover fries / Grillo’s pickles pop-up shop in Inman. we scooped up the last jar of pickled apples of the day. i hear each apple tastes like a mini apple pie. will report back on that soon!


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