black/white: rhodie

8 Feb


So I had a growing pile of exposed black and white film accumulating on my desk. And since that’s written in the past tense that means I’ll be posting lots from these rolls in the next few weeks. hooray. the shots above are all from fall and winter forays to rhode island. purgatory chasm, newport, and a christmas tree farm.

My first thought when I got these images back from the lab was, dang why don’t shoot more black and white?! Well I’m probably gonna ignore color for a little while or at least until the first little green sprouts of spring arrive. I’m sure I’ll be filled with spring-feaver and reaching for some Portra in a heartbeat to capture those colors.

Also, I’ve noticed recently a couple of my film photog fav’s have also reached for the black and white this winter. I love you Kodak Tri-X 400! it captures the delicate winter light just so perfectly.


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