in sum

3 Feb


welcome to the super late edition of in sum. gonna keep things short and sweet because i didn’t get to do too much internetting due to being pretty under the weather this week. But i’m on the mend and looking forward to the weekend. a couple of our friends are getting hitched tomorrow and i’m psyched to put on a lovely vintage frock and celebrate with them. and then of course there’s something pretty big going on on sunday evening, just can’t remember what that is. have a great weekend!

1/ i dig this photo from sam b harris not only for it’s gorgeous light, but because it looks like a lost scene from The Life Aquatic. check out sam’s work, it’s really lovely.

2/ a shockingly beautiful shoot by Anja for Hopeless lingerie, she shot it on film and says the shoot was inspired by an imaginary foreign horror film. I love that. lady’s also having a big sale in her vintage shop.

3/ i stumbled upon jennifer mehigan’s work and couldn’t help but think how it connected with my last post. (via sweet station)

4/ i love the colors in this photo from sandra.


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