in sum

27 Jan


after a wallop of a monday, i’ve been eagerly awaiting this weekend! and i have lots of fun things planned for it now that it’s here. two highlights: facials with my lady friend and a killer show to take in on sunday night. yah!

1/ loving the colors of this photo from the More & Co blog. 

2/ lovely warmer weather looks from Morrison, an Australian line. (spotted on Frolic!)

3/ my snake brooch. I enjoyed this snake-themed  guest post on honey kennedy by Teen Angster. (my photo via instagram)

4/ Mignon, a new kitchen shop launched this week. It is the creation of Rachel from Elephantine. I can imagine preparing a little spring-time picnic with many of the goods from this shop…especially those sporks! 

5/ leanne marshall, of project runway fame, added some lovely hand-dyed silk blouses to her shop. Oh, i pine for one of these and a trip to the country that inspired them! 

6/ how chic is this little cat beret! yeah, lots of will power was used to not order up one of those babies for miss cleo. 

7/ kate miss has another shop update in the works, and this beaded necklace would look great with my….. 

8/ new Ilana Kohn scarf!! am i right? 

9/ tea-pot inspiration. I’m currently working on several small pots in ceramics and this beauty from Clamlab is quiet dashing. 

10/ bonus! I’ve had this catchy tune stuck in my head all week. (not pictured)

{{in sum is a collection of lovely things from across the internets that have caught my eye through the past week.}}


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