Insta Wknd

16 Jan


it was a quiet weekend for me with eric away on a guys weekend to the adirondacks. mostly stayed inside since it was frigid outside (as you can see from my pic of the window above). and based on my pics, i apparently spent most of my time eating! ha! My fav part of the weekend was visiting conor’s cozy little beacon hill apartment for some ricotta gnocchi, a fire, and another x files-fest (!) with beth on Saturday night. I’m becomingly increasingly obsessed with that show.

from left to right: juice from life alive / cleo unimpressed with the vintage loafers i scored at vintage revenge / seriously the BEST grilled cheese i’ve ever made. recipe via gilt taste. it’s cleo approved too! / ate too many cornichons! / sage, isn’t it the best color? / dinner construction at conor’s / dinner is served in conor’s ceramics / A16 ricotta gnocchi, fingerling tatos, brown butter, sage & hot cranberry bevies / my frigid kitchen / the lonely lady dinner plate (ie. mostly cheese!) 


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