in sum

13 Jan


in effort to make this a more of a proper blog, I’m going to start a new weekly round-up series. It’ll be bits and bobs from around the internets that have caught my eye. so with out further ado…

1/ adore this look from the Shiny Squirrel, especially the blazer.

2/the cat lady in me applauds this parody of one of my fav mags.

3/a gorgeous print from luli sanchez (spotted on Oh Joy)

4/ very excited for the new wes anderson flick. also, futura will not be missed thanks to

this lady’s typography for the movie (side note, her web address is quite clever)

5/ a beautifully animated spring lookbook from verrier by reed rader found on Miss Moss

6/ pining over this blouse and may have to snag the wallet-friendly version.

7/a simple ceramic collection i’m inspired by.

8/ enamored with this misty blue green for spring. (yes already thinking spring)

9/captivating photography on how i met your style make me want to shoot more portraits (via wolf eyebrows)


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