Analog Ambassador

30 Sep


so old school photo lab recently put out a call for film enthusiast. a call for those who would want to be an ambassador for film and the old school way. I want to be a film ambassador…. from the pentax that I proudly carry on my shoulder every day  to my constant reappearance at my local photo lab, on to every time i post on my humble little film photo blog here. I LOVE FILM. I would love to tell more folks about the beauty of film. the pentax on my shoulder seems to spur many conversations, but i want to reach more folks. I want to be an old school film ambassador. I want to tell them of the rewarding feeling of the patience of waiting for just the right light to snag that shot, or the saturation and lovely grain that film thanks you with every time. And most of all, the fun you can have with film. I want to explore further the manipulations you can achieve with film and share these with everyone in the old school community & beyond. like the doubles i shot this summer, and one you see above, to blokeh manipulations and so on. film is not dead folks!


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