city birds

16 Mar


more lomo shots from the hong kong test roll. on my day off during work trips,

i love to find the quietest part of the city. just wandering around till i locate a little

peaceful nook. sunday morning i happened upon these pigeons in a little alley.

after watching them for about ten mins, a little old lady wandered up. she looked

at me, gave me the shhhh motion of a finger pressed against her lips. then she

quickly emptied several handfuls of tiny square bread crumbs onto the alley.

birds came from every direction and that little lady vanished, leaving me the show.


One Response to “city birds”

  1. Elevine March 16, 2011 at 3:05 pm #

    such beautiful photos!

    it is nice to see all these birds in the cities around, living on the odd crumble.
    I’ve heard so many times people saying they hate the pigeons, but to me they are a very important part of the urban landscapes as well, reminding me of the nature I miss so much whilst in this asphalt jungles.


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