hello 2011!

3 Jan


happy new year! I hope you had lovely holiday, mine was stellar!

above is evidence of a fantastic surprise santa had in store for me. no, no not that adorable pup

although i did beg him for one. it’s a new camera! well ok not completely new to me…another K1000!

eric found a great old pentax kit with two lenses and a tri-pod. yah! I’ve already shot a few rolls.

and the cherry on top….a coupon for a future winter getaway far far away from civilization!

double yah! roaring fires, long johns, hot cocoa, hiking, birds, lots of reading,

and burning through numerous rolls of film all await me.


so here’s to 2011! i’m looking forward to many new adventures, starting with our backwoods jaunt.

and around here i’ve made a little resolution. i’m going to try to share a bit more of me with you.

so along with my photos i’ll be posting things that have caught my eye. I’ll start with a

lovely post from an apple a day (above). i adore amy merrick’s new year’s post.

a candid list of 2010 experiences, conquests and disappointments. it has me

pondering a list of my own. also how gorgeous is her photo above?!



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