the weekend: more food!

22 Jun

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

sunday morning eric and I went out for a little breakfast nosh at petsi’s pies.

petsi serves undoubtedly the best scones and pies in town.  the weather was gorgeous so

we sat out front.  shortly after, petsi came out with a huge tray of fresh waffles which

she loaded into the car to take over to Tupelo, her other restuarant. she chatted with

us and another couple for a bit, joking about how she was headed to the beach that

afternoon just a soon as she finished frying all the chicken for Tupelo’s dinner service.

i swear that scone tasted twice as good, after our chat. I love getting to meet the

folks responsible for the food you eat, especially when you are literally eating it as they

take the time out of their crazy-hectic day to talk with you.

(ps she went on to explain that she bakes from 1am-9am,

has a nap and then is back cooking for the dinner shift at tupelo!)


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